Ivermectin for human

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Op please be gentle with her. She must have been out of her mind with worry for her baby and hormones makes postpartum women do unreasonable shit. But please don’t put milk in your baby’s bath, especially if you have girl. It’s a myth about it being “magic.” Yeast feeds on sugar which is what breastmilk is made of, and that’s a sure fire way to give your newborn a yeast infection.

Ivermectin flccc

Direct from the tap isn't always best. Plus, breastfeeding is a bonding experience and requires the kid essentially by latched on all day, a place your own child is already taking. She needs to worry about feeding and bonding with her baby, not that the child is suckling directly for the source. I imagine this fixation is more on the fact her baby isn't eating and she's made a negative association with the bottle instead of the formula.